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Our girls are early risers. They always have been and I’m guessing always will be. 7am is sleeping in around here!

The girls think I’m sleeping in, but I’m usually getting ready for the day or enjoying the quiet. So, sometimes they won’t barge in.

I was already up when B came in and asked for a “snuggle snuggle.” 

I said “of course, but what’s a snuggle snuggle.”

She told me “it’s like a snuggle with a snuggle.”

You got it kiddo. 

sweet b snuggles mommy and me monday

Then I realized that she hasn’t asked for a snuggle in a while. And she’s gotten so darn tall. She wrapped her legs around me and I had to tuck her head down to get it under my chin. 

This little nugget that used to fit wrapped in my arms is going to turn into a giant kid like the rest of these girls. I think I have 5 years, tops, before they are all taller than me!


Look at that little nugget in January 2014! How is this even the same kid?

What did you do this week?

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