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This past week was Spring Break. Admittedly, it looked just like the past 3 weeks, minus school work. So, there was a lot of TV and movie time for the kids. And a lot of trying to keep my body moving.

One day before dinner, Mr. Serious and I did a Peloton app ride. B heard us and wanted to go on a “real” bike ride. I had seen people fix a kids bike so it could be stationary, so B was able to join us. (She would like me to point out that she doesn’t need training wheels, but we needed them on this bike for it to stay still.)

peloton with b

B did the entire 30 minute ride with us and wanted to make sure her sisters came and saw her setup. The ride sure was a lot easier for her then it was for us!

Thursday I had oral surgery to remove an infected tooth. Nothing like needing something like that done in the middle of a pandemic. The office was only allowing one patient in the building at a time and was constantly cleaning and wearing tons of PPE. So, hopefully, the now giant hole heals in my mouth. All of that to say that I’m having to take it easy workout wise, and my face is still swollen. 

Saturday night, the girls asked if we were dressing up for “church.” So we said sure. Sure, we were meeting in our living room and tuning into Facebook live, but why not get dressed up?

Easter at home Mommy and Me Monday

So, I wanted to make a point to grab a picture, too. I’m pretty sure this is our only family picture from the shelter in place period, so I’m glad we took the time to do it. 

(Yes, E is sad. She stepped on my foot with some super-strength heeled shoes and I yelped in pain. She wasn’t happy that she hurt me, but all is fine and well.)

And, one of the youngest two and me while we were testing out the camera location. 

Easter at home with mommy e and b

It wasn’t the Spring Break or Easter we thought it would be, but I guess the good thing is, this year, we didn’t have any plans for either, so our expectations were pretty low. 

Hope you enjoyed some extra quality time with your family and are staying safe!


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  1. I love that you went the extra mile to get all trussed up and fancy! Y’all look GREAT! 🙂

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