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This week, B decided to be extra active and move her body. When it’s their decision and they ask, I like to be supportive.

One day B ran next to me on the treadmill while I did a run.

The next day, she asked to do a run on her own, and started it without me even knowing. Then when I came out to do my bike ride, she asked to do yoga and got herself all set up with blocks, a band and yoga mat.

You get that stretch on!

Somehow, a weekend with no races or meets still turned out to be a busy one. Afterall, the runs and practice still has to happen.

Knowing the weather was going to be nice, I organized a group run for any of the kids that could make it. Mr. Serious and the oldest did their run with one of the middle school young men.

Mr. Serious and oldest post-run

N ran with her group of middle school running friends.

E and B and I ran with one of the siblings and moms of a middle school runner. We had a plan to try a little interval run for 15 minutes: 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking.

Y’all B and her friend had no chill on the running portion. We were aiming for a nice jog. I think they were aiming for a sprint!

But, we got our run done and got in some good streches!

15 min run walk with e and b
Post 15 minute run. 30 seconds on – 30 seconds off

Sunday, I surprised the oldest two girls by taking them shopping. They had been asking for swimsuits (yes, it’s in the 40s this week), and shorts and summer clothes. I told them, here’s your budget (and their aunt contributed, too) and this is your summer wardrobe. (Of course, we all know things will come up that they absolutely need!)

We grabbed a picture before heading into our first stop. After the fourth one, I was ready to go home and they had $9 left between them!

I’d call the weekend overall a win. But, like, I’m going to miss it when life slows down, right? Right?

What did you do this week?

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