Never been so thankful for a dirty diaper


Being on the budget, our clothes have definitely seen better days.  In fact, I’ve shown you my “chemist jeans.”

So the other morning, when I was ready to walk out the door with the girls to go to work, my sweet baby girl caught my attention.  Her face was a little too red and her eyes a little too watery.  I knew what that meant.

I wrangled her upstairs to quickly change her diaper.  Anybody that has or had an 18 month old knows what an ordeal that can be.  Especially about 15 minutes after the last diaper change.

So, I was trying to entertain her and distract her.  She wasn’t having it.  She got upset about my entertaining, which means it wasn’t so entertaining, and kicked or threw something on the floor.

I finished her up, got her dressed, picked her up and bent over to pick up said item off the floor.  As I was bending, I heard a giant “rrriiippp” noise (no, not that kind of noise).

For a brief second, I thought I would ignore it.

Thank goodness I didn’t.  I had the sense to walk into the girls bathroom. 

I walked in, turned around and looked in the mirror.

And saw my stripy undies looking right back at me.  With the length of one back pocket entirely ripped down, a full cheek’s width exposed.  (Let me add here that it wasn’t because these jeans were too small; in fact, they were quite loose and warn thin.  Apparently, really thin.) 

That’s when I decided that I’ve never been more thankful for a poopy diaper.

Why?  Guaranteed, I would have bent over at work approximately 1 hour later.

In front of 32 teenagers. 

Who would have seen everything.

Including my blue stripy undies.

Thank you sweetheart for pooping that morning.

Thank you.

Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious

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  1. Not too many people can say that they've been saved by a blown diaper!

  2. LOL Oh wow…I had to come see why you were thankful for a poopy diaper! lmao I guess it really did save you. 🙂

  3. yep, just when you think it's bad…you realize there is a true life saving moment! LOL

  4. LOL Thank goodness! I can honestly say I haven't had many reasons to be thankful for poopy diapers. But that would be at the top of the list for sure! LOL

  5. OH man! Thank goodness for the poopy diaper! That could have been a really bad experience. You are not alone on the pants ripping. It's happened to me many of times!

  6. So glad that happened before you left the house! When I bartended in college I had to stop before my shift and pick up lemons and limes and ripped my jeans getting back into the car. I was never so thankful for fruit in my whole life. I mean I would have made a bunch of money that night, but I probably would have caught a cold or something lol.

  7. lmao – it's not often you can be happy about a poopy diaper! Looks like someone needs a new pair of jeans – time to go shopping!

  8. Oh my… that's pretty dang funny! Can you imagine if you didnt catch that???? Oh wow!!

  9. Oh yes! Or you might have become something of an urban legend! the skinny teacher with the ability to rip open her pants by sheer will:) Whoever would have guessed that one day you would be thankful for a poop:) LOL

  10. Yup, the glass is indeed half full! Thanks for the positive thinking boost…

  11. So funny!! Can you imagine at work, yikes! Those teenagers would never let you hear the end of it, what do you do?

  12. Oh that would have been awful! I wondered why you would ever be thankful for a dirty diaper, but that is definitely one good reason!

  13. oh thank goodness. the last thing you need at school right now is your students getting a shot of your undergarments 🙂

  14. Oh WHEW!!!! That would have been VERY embarrassing. Oh man.

  15. Yeah, that would NOT have been good. So, can you get some new jeans now? 😉

  16. That is hysterical and awful all at the same time!! 🙂

    So glad for you friend, so glad!

  17. LOL…even hearing it again it's still just as funny!!

  18. My ENTIRE first day of teaching–at two separate schools–one was spent with two buttons open smack dab in the middle of my blouse; the other found me with my fly open the entire day.
    Thanks, 11th grade. I love you, too.
    But not like that…

  19. Haha, too funny! That would have definitely been horrible to split your pants in front of your students!

    Two years ago we got Lainey a trampoline for her birthday. My husband put it together in the living room, and as soon as he was done I sprang off the couch to try it. I was so elated, that I thought I'd do a toe touch…unfortunately I had forgotten I was wearing a skirt…riiiiip!

  20. Way too funny!!! Thank the lord for small favors!!!

  21. Okay, now that? Is hilarious! And I am so happy for you that it happened at home–great job, N!

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