Seriously, why does this bug me?


I just, literally just went into another teacher’s classroom (at his request), so he could show me how to set something up for his sub tomorrow.

While in there, I hear a student say “Wow, that is so tacky. Who thinks red and purple match?”

I think it matches, and it’s more of a burgundy/maroon for the record, so you tell me what you think. Do I match? If I don’t, should I care ?

Yes, I took it with my camera phone, I need to know, people. Like right now!!!
Emily, don’t hate me if I don’t match. I really like the sweater and I think it looks great…I just needed a little more length in the torso…well, you know, because of the nursing and all! And, sadly, I don’t have a crew neck shirt in black or white…sue me!

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  1. I think it looks good…and even adding a necklace in those colors would add some more pizzazz…dont worry what they think!

  2. You crack me up. Purple is a totally “in” color right now and you’re rockin’ it. Definitely don’t consider opinions of high schoolers…I mean, do you look back on your high school years and think you were a stellar dresser? =) I usually end up thinking “what was I thinking?!?” btw, the sweater looks much better on you than on me…from what I could tell from your bustline at least! lol

  3. It so matches. You look great.

    That kid should be smacked.

  4. You look great!
    I would say something ugly about that stupid high school kid but I will choose to keep my mouth shut. 🙂

  5. I think it’s fine. Nothing worth being crabby over, especially.

    {Most} High school kids don’t even know what the word respect means, let alone that an adult deserves it.

    It’s sad!

  6. i think you look perfectly lovely friend – seriously high schoolers…who needs em!!

  7. Matches! I would have worn it too. It is better than all black and dreary especially at school when you need to ‘feel’ cheery. Keep smiling.

  8. You totally match! I wear read and purple together all the time!

  9. I think you match. Who cares what that kid thinks!? Obviously his parents didn’t teach him manners or how to put a filter between his brain and his mouth! So sad! We should pity him!!

    Love, Mere

  10. It looks fine!
    Teenagers are always trying to feel ‘better’ than thier teachers and those over them.
    Its just a lack of respect… don’t let it bother you that they woudln’t wear it. The lack of respect bothers me.
    I’ve been a youth leader for 5.5 years and I’ve heard them tear people apart – including each other!

  11. Those colors actually look really good together! You do need a necklace though to really make the outfit. Don’t let the stupid teenager get you down!!

  12. High schoolers are ridiculous, and definitely don’t know respect. The things I used to hear when I subbed…. were unbelievable. Don’t listen to those obnoxious kids.

  13. I used to hate red/purple together, but I have learned to accept it! (I blame it on a childhood outfit my mother used to put me in…eww..its makes me cringe just thinking about it! lol)
    I think its looks fine though…you’re right, its more burgandy anyways! lol
    Kids are so rude these days!

  14. what a rude kid!! he needs a little talking to, mommy style! you look great!

  15. God what is WRONG with kids today? (holy crap, did I just SAY that? I think I channeled my father there, LOL). Seriously though, I was told to respect adults, and I would NEVER think of making a comment like to an adult, or a teacher or ANYONE!
    I think you look great and colorful and cheery! Don’t sweat it!

  16. Maybe he was checking you out but didn’t want to admit to his friends. lol

    You are rocking it girl. Who cares what they think, you are their authority not their friend and thank god not their mom ‘cuz thats rude!

  17. Seriously, high schoolers are idiots!!

    Enough said!!

    You look fab my dear!! 🙂

  18. I just had someone comment on the length my son’s hair. So I feel your pain right now.

    You look great and Chase’s hair needs a little trim so there.

    Now, go about your day proudly! Don’t you wish you could say something back about their appearance???

  19. Purple and red totally go together.

    Have you seen kids lately? fashion is not exactly something they know much about 😉

  20. They totally match! I’ve worn those colors together before.

    BTW, I really like your new blog design. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around the past couple of weeks to comment on it sooner. I think it looks awesome!

  21. I think it matches just fine. And bravo for not making a comment back. Thats one of the reason I couldnt work around kids, I have a tendency to be a smart aleck right back (like at least your mom didnt dress you, oh wait, I guess his mom didnt help him this morning either).

  22. You look fab! Do you have to wear a t-shirt under it? I think you have the same sweater I got in grey…I wore a white tank underneath that has a little lace at the top so the lace peeks out. I think it’s cute and I would have worn it! I will take a pic of my co-teacher one day and send it to you…it’s tacky to the max! Did I get you the sweater?

  23. These kids need a seriously reality check!! I can’t believe how rude they are!!

    You match fine! 🙂 No stress!

  24. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    They obviously didn’t see the runways this season. Red and purple are all over the damn place. I am guessing they think black and brown are taboo as well? And no white after Labor day? Wake up and smell the Starbucks, Kids! It’s not 1988. Jeezzz…..

  25. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Girl, I’m the AUTHORITY on matching. At least IMHO.

    You match.

    THat’s that.

  26. Whatever. You look great. and I LOVE that color purple right now.

    I can NOT believe how disrespectful kids are. WTH

  27. I know it’s too late now, but I think it looks great!

  28. I think it goes together just fine, altough I’ve never been accused of being fashionable. Sorry, maybe not such a comforting thought. But remember those things you learn in kindergarten – the really important ones… when someone puts you down it’s because they feel lower themselves (even if it is a young child whose partents should teach them more manner and respect for adults).

  29. Too funny! No, they don’t match. And no, I don’t care what other people say either!

  30. Are you allowed to hit them with a ruler or something? LOL Can you give them a F? O they were not your class…bummer! What is wrong with this generation of brats.

  31. Ok you totally match, and I for one am applaud that a kid would say something like that to an adult. maybe I am old school but if I even hear my kids getting a tone or tude with me I nip it in the bud and if someone else informs me they were lipping off I get on them too!

  32. One – are you allowed to smack the kid?

    Two – am I allowed to smack the kid for you?

    As for matching, I think they are both pretty colors but most likely I wouldn’t wear them together. But then again, I don’t wear anything other than black – so many don’t ask me 😉

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