The successful surprises


Weeks, actually, months of planning went into this past weekend.

Mom turned 5-0!  Well, actually, not until the end of December, but we had to make it work.

We decided a while ago, mom would get a HUGE surprise for her 50th birthday.  So much so that I couldn’t even mention it here (hi, mom!).

My sister, and step-dad have been hard at work planning, planning and planning.

Meanwhile, my two aunts, my grandparents and I sneakily flew into Houston Friday evening.  (And, that stupid snow really delayed our plans).

Saturday, my sister convinced my mom she HAD to meet her to “discuss something.”

Little did she know, we were all waiting at the restaurant for her.

And, she finally saw us. SURPRISE!  She was floored.  She asked a million questions.  “How did you get here?  Where did you stay? When are you leaving?”
                                        SURPRISE!                                Mom with her sisters and mom.

DSC_0330 DSC_0349

                                                                  Mom with her girls.


The surprises didn’t stop there.  Joe told us all we needed to get dressed up for a fancy dinner and we didn’t know where.  We would meet at Emily’s house to carpool to said restaurant.
HAHA!  Enter Surprise #2.  There were about 40 of us gathered at Emily’s house for the surprise party that evening.


The picture wall, featuring mom!               And the banner that greeted her.
DSC_0366 DSC_0367

                            Mom (middle) and her sisters                                Me and Emily

DSC_0374 DSC_0368

I would say it was quite the success.  I did miss my girls and Mr. Serious terribly, but hey, your mom only turns 50 once, right?

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. Wow! What a surprise! That is awesome!!! 🙂

  2. yipppeee!!! so glad everything worked out (minus the silly snow)!! i love the look on your mom's face in both "surprise" pictures!

    looks like an amazing weekend!

  3. how fun and cute. reason to have kids…to get surprise parties.

  4. Way fun!! I'm actually in the process of planning my mom's 50th birthday too. 🙂 Love the Wall of Photos! I may have to use that.

  5. Krystyn! You're mom is waaayyy hot! She does not look like she could be 50!!

    So cool that you could surprise her. So sweet 🙂

  6. You 3 are just beautiful!!!
    Happy Birthday Pat!! So glad it turned out to be such a hit!!! Her faces in both of those pictures is priceless!!
    Glad you had a quick, fun trip! Wish we could have met for dinner! Thats ok, next time! 🙂

  7. That is the best surprise! And even better that you got to surprise her twice!

  8. That's so awesome!! I'm glad the snow didn't cancel the plans completely. How fun!

  9. Totally rad surprises!!! Glad y'all were able to pull it off. I bet it was one of those weekends that y'all will be talking about over and over again for a long time!

  10. Wow, your mom is so young, are you sure she turns 50!

    Great surprise.

    Have a nice week.

  11. Hey your post showed up in my reader no problem 🙂

    Looks like tons and tons of fun! Happy 50 to your MOM!!

    ps. I tried to use windows livewriter but could not set it up – I'm hopeless I guess!

  12. What a wonderful surprise. It's great when you can pull it off.

    BTW, this post showed up in my reader, so it worked.

  13. sorry the snow delayed your arrival…but don't be hating on the H-Town Snow….it was AWESOME! 🙂

  14. That's so sweet!!

    And I love the pics–especially of the one w/her walking into the house…aw!

    Gorgeous family, too!

  15. I am so glad you were able to make it, and I am sure Papa Bear had a great weekend with Bubs and Sampson. You totally rocked in that red dress. See, that's why my closet is so full! You never know when you will need a hot ensemble for someone else! I can't believe I had a dress, with tags, from 2005…but you looked amazing in it!

  16. P.S. That snow was awful for me….over 3 hours of driving/sitting/waiting/visiting Taco Bell by IAH is no bueno.

  17. I love surprise parties! Our family has pulled off one success when my grandmother turned 60 two years ago. It's amazing we managed to keep it from her, she snoops and noses into everything!

  18. What a lovely surprise for your mom. It was wonderful for all of you to do that for her. I would probably burst with excitement if my family did that for me. Actually,my girls gave me a surpise party for my 5oth birthday too. It was not as big a deal as what you did but I remember it warmly with smiles. I know that your mom will treasure the memories of this birthday forever.
    What a sweet family you have. You make me smile.

    Hugs, Lura

  19. That's awesome. I did a surprise 50th for my mom last year, too. Way to pull it off!

  20. Happy Birthday to your mom! Lots of December birthdays to go around!

  21. Oh how fabulous! She never would have seen the second one coming! Happy Birthday to your Mom:)

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous treat for your Mom. You and Emily honored your mother in a wonderful way with this party. Awesome!
    -Mr. Serious

  23. First off, I love that Mr. Serious left you a comment! So cute!
    How fun! I know your mom was really happy that you were there!

  24. i love birthday surprises! Happy Birthday to your Mom, she looks great (and so do you)!

  25. How fun!!!

    I am sure that your mama felt so honored and loved!

    Great job Krystyn and Emily!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am still reeling from the surprise. I can't beliece I was SOOOOO clueless. Joe and Emily were acting a little strange the past few weeks. Thank you so much for coming in from ATL. Thanks again Matt for agreeing. It was a very memorable weekend.

    Lots of Love,


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