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Mother’s Day tea is the last celebration at preschool before the school year is out. This year it was even more bittersweet because our sweet N (the one I so worried about moving to preschool) was graduating out. She’s headed off to the land of elementary and kindergarten. 

This is the last Mother’s Day tea I will have with N.

The last walk into preschool together

{How is it even remotely possible that in less than three months I will have two of my babies riding on the school bus?}

During that tea, her teacher read the moms and students a book. Let Me Hold You Longer (the subtitle should be “have lots of tissues handy”). It’s all about the last time we do a certain something for/to/with our child. Often, we don’t realize it’s the last time. Do you remember the last time you rocked your child to sleep? Or how about the very last time they breastfed? Maybe the last time they asked for just one more kiss before bed? 

Because, yeah, most of the time we don’t.

I’m trying to be more aware of these moments. All of them, but especially the lasts.

This week was the last time N will get out of the van for carpool and go off to preschool. 

This is the last time E will say “have good day, N” right after the door closes and N is off.

On that last day of school as we were all getting out of the van, it hit me, these two have been walking into and out of school every Tuesday and Thursday this year. Come next year, there won’t be a bigger sister to walk in with.

This is the last time they will walk into preschool together.

The last walk into preschool together

This is the last time that they will walk this sidewalk and E will tell N that she doesn’t want to hold her hand. That she wants to walk on the sidewalk, but that N should walk with mommy. 

This is the last time N will get to the door first, but wait patiently for E and ask her if she wants to push the button to open the door together. 

The last walk into preschool together

This is the last time N will be with me to drop off E in her room and tell her bye.

This is the last time N, B and I will get on the elevator and ride up to the second floor to drop N off.

This is the last time she will kiss me, walk off the elevator and walk to her classroom while saying bye to me.

There are so many firsts coming and I’m excited about them for N, and for us, but for right now, I’m going to sit (with tissues in hand) and get emotional and do the ugly cry about the lasts.


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  1. They are so cute! You’ll be fine, you have 2 more to go! At least we are parenting and conscious, I do not think the generation before us was. We cherish these experiences, and then they become lasting memories. That is beautiful stuff!

  2. I’m in the same boat with my son. I can’t believe he’s graduating from preschool. My baby is growing up and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. Why does all of this happen so fast?

  3. I cry about lasts, too, so you are definitley not alone. I am THAT mom that cries on my boys birthdays, too, because they are growing up way to fast for my liking.

  4. AND, now I am doing the ugly cry. They are So cute together. Your girls love each other so very much and it’s so sweet to see. I am excited for N, too! Every visit I made to ATL this past year she talked and talked and talked about kindergarten and her new school and being with Iz. I have several pictures of the last few times I nursed Logan, and I am so very glad I do. But you are right, often we don’t know think about it being the last time. Sad and exciting all at once.

  5. It’s hard to see our kids grow up and it seems this past year my two just whizzed past and grew a whole bunch. Bawl!

  6. I don’t remember many of the “last moments” with my sons. Maybe I would have treasured those moments more if I did;however, I do remember the firsts and those were wonderful 🙂
    I’m glad you recognized, and enjoyed, this last moment. I’m sure the “first” that’s coming around the corner is sure to be great too!

  7. The little one growing up is so bittersweet! Every time my youngest has a first, I realize that is my last first as a mommy:( Slow down kiddos! Mommy isn’t ready yet!

  8. i remember being kind of ready to stop nursing my littlest. she was 26 months. i laughingly joked about how knowing her, i’d not realize it was the end and end up crying that i missed it

    and i did.

    she just kind of stopped when we were all away for my nephew’s wedding and it was so hectic, i didn’t realize until the next day that she’d been done for 2 days. i bawled.

  9. grandma pat says:

    Lasts are sad and memorable – firsts are great – no matter what age your children will always do and have memorable moments

  10. grandma pat says:

    I just noticed you put your new beautiful picture on your profile.

  11. Awww…so sweet. I’m feeling you, girl. My oldest little boy is graduating preschool this year and heading to kindergarten, and I honestly can’t believe it’s happening. Thank you for reminding me to remember the lasts. It’s so emotional being a mommy.

  12. Aww, it is bittersweet when something nice is ending. Luckily, when one door closes… and all that good stuff, totally applies here. 🙂

  13. That is such a blessing that you realized this is one of those last moments! It let you capture it. Just remember that an ending always signifies a new beginning and with kids it just gets better!

    Btw, my comment didn’t before. I was posting from my mobile phone. Not sure if it was a glitch. Just thought I would tell you.

    1. Oh yes..so many more amazing things coming! I know!!

      (Thanks for letting me know. It actually did come through, I just had to approve it:)

  14. The good thing about the lasts is that the door opens to the new things. I feel like this is how life will always be. I’m going through things now with my two, and it’s tough. Every ending is a new beginning. Hope you felt better after your ugly cry.

  15. I do try to remember the “last” moments. I only have one child (right now. Maybe that will change one day) and he’s growing so fast. I’ve tried to cherish the times i rock him to sleep because I don’t know if that’ll happen the next night. I remember the last time we nursed (because it was mostly my decision to stop nursing when he was 25 months. 25 MONTHS.) They’re sad moments, but I know there are so many great memories ahead!

  16. I have had such a hard time knowing my daughter will be making the VPK to Kindergarten transition in only a few short months. It’s hard to believe that they grow this fast. I want mine to stay tiny forever!

  17. Such cuties! The lasts are never easy, and the firsts are uncertain. But the good thing is that it is all such an adventure to be had, and at least we are all here enjoying the ride.

  18. Yep, I cried each morning this week.
    (Sad to say, I teared up thursday as I said “its your last Thursday of Preschool”)
    SAP- yes I am

  19. I can’t imagine when I have kids; I’m going to be ugly crying all over the place! LOL But this is a fantastic post about how parents need to stop and live in the moments that will not be there forever.

  20. It sure is bittersweet isn’t it. Our kids grow up so fast, time flies and then they’re adults. My oldest just turned 18.

  21. It sounds like next year will be a big adjustment for all of you. It’s hard but it gets better, watching them grow.

  22. Welcome to the awesome adventure of Elementary School! 🙂 Glad you had fun!

  23. They Grow up too fast!! Cherish every second.

  24. What an awesome little celebration though! My oldest starts preschool in the fall. I currently can’t wait for some alone time with the baby!

  25. It’s sad that it is your last tea but also exciting that she is growing up! You will have to come up with a new “tea” idea for home or something. 😉

  26. I remember, as a preschool teacher, how bittersweet the end of the year was. I was ready for a break, but hated to see those sweet faces go. I’m glad you are able to enjoy these moments!

  27. Stooooop! Way to make me cry! My son is graduating Kindergarten and I’m already a mess. Girls are starting to walk and it’s making me wish they were babies again! Wah! Love these sweet pictures.

  28. I don’t know if I could have made it through that book dry-eyed! My youngest is finishing up preschool in just a few weeks.

  29. Oh boy, having passed all these moments, I totally feel for you. It’s just so, so SO fleeting! Savor them all, and I know you will.

  30. I’m doing that too as I realize my little man will no longer be in preschool. We can cry together

  31. aww, so sweet. our kids grow up so fast. my oldest graduates highschool in 2 weeks

  32. Oh, bless your heart! It’s wonderful and amazing and beautiful… and sad… to watch them grow, isn’t it? I’m trying to take in everything with my Danger. How sad that they can only be little *once* ((HUGS!))

  33. I hate this part of growing up! I love that they get to experience so many first but the lasts are just heartbreaking. Such a bittersweet moment!

  34. i can’t even go there…

    sooo many last times around these neck of the woods.

    beyond bittersweet…

  35. mayra molina says:

    Tears tears …

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