Those days are gone


I think it’s time to admit defeat.

I can no longer get a cute picture of all three girls looking at the camera at the same time…all with a nice smile.

Now, I get the oldest two trying to hold onto the youngest, or maybe entertain her or distract her all while she’s trying to get away and yelling “no. no. no!”

Mushy gushy sister love

Mommy, save me.

Mushy gushy sister love

Well, let’s just try with these two.

Mushy gushy sister love

Nope. Awkward smiles there, too.

Mushy gushy sister love

I think daddy said something funny..maybe he made up a word…and this is the best we got.

Mushy gushy sister love

Even trunk or treating, it was hard to get the three of them all looking cute.

Mushy gushy sister love

Don’t expect a nice Christmas card with all three girls in one picture this year! Scratch that….birth announcement will come shortly after that…so, maybe we can get one with all of them distracted by their new baby sister! Until then, sill smiles and holding baby sisters back with the new norm. We’re nailing it!

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  1. You could EVER get a picture of all 3 looking and smiling??? I have a hard enough time with my 2 boys!

  2. I don’t even bother with the two I have anymore lol I just take one at a time or promise them candy for a few snaps together. I catch the best photos of them when they are not asked to pose and they are being themselves.

  3. Still cute photos nevertheless! 🙂 I completely understand though.. I can never get all 5 of mine to pose “nicely”.. and they are much older than yours. lol Congrats on 4 girls.. wow!

  4. They look adorable! And I think rumor has it that the more children you have the harder it will be to get them all to cooperate for a photo.

  5. I had to laugh when I saw your first photo. It brought back memories of kid wrangling for photo shots when my kids were young. Lovely family!

  6. If you can get them all in the frame, I consider that a success. Maybe the little baby will coo and draw everyone’s eyes at the same time…. that will be baby’s first task: distract all sisters 😉

  7. Love these photos!! Your girls are adorable!! Soon to be 4!

  8. but they are so adorable anyway! And look at it this way, you will always remember exactly how they were at this stage!

  9. I’m pretty sure having 3 kids all look at the camera and smile is logistically impossible so don’t feel bad. All the pics are still super cute though!

  10. I don’t know if it’s the ages but I’m struggling with this suddenly with my two kids. I feel like I probably once smugly thought this wasn’t a problem but they have become SO difficult. The eldest with his fake smiles and exaggerated poses that don’t really translate on picture. The youngest who cannot sit still long enough to get a non-blurry photo. And you know I take a lot of pictures, I like to think I sorta know what I’m doing, but ughhh.

  11. I actually love the pictures that show their personality. I think technology is so great because those are no longer wasted pictures on a roll of film but now an artist gallery of the progression of three sisters and their smiles. 🙂

  12. I have so much trouble with only ONE child! He doesn’t like having his photo taken 95% of the time…we had family photos done over the weekend and out of 180 pictures, only 5 of the ones with him in them were decent.

    I cannot imagine how you manage to even get all three in the frame!

  13. These candid shots are simply precious! I feel your pain. It’s so hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time.

  14. Real life pictures – with all three in the frame, those are the best – not poses…. You’ll get those and when you look back, they will be so sweet!

  15. I wouldn’t stress about that. Just getting them to sit still long enough to take a picture was monumental enough.

  16. These pictures are so adorable….looks like my kids! How DO people get those perfect pics?!

  17. OMG this is my life! I only have 2 girls and they are 9 and 6 but let me tell you I can not get them to smile right for a picture anymore, or look at the camera at the same time, or pose properly. It’s so frustrating. However that said I know I”ll love those pictures just as much as the properly posed and smiling ones!

    Your girls are beautiful!

  18. yeah. we gave up on group pics… now, its collage time 😉

  19. dude they are just sooo darn big!?!? why does this keep happening?

    growing and growing!!

    so sweet mama!

  20. Such sweet photos even if they are candid shots 🙂 I’ve gotta know, what in the heck is trunk or treating?

    1. Trunk or treat= people decorate the trunks/hatches, etc of their cars or trucks for Halloween, and then park them in a parking lot (in this case, at a church), then you go from car to car at a safe place and Trick-or-treat at their trunks. No crossing streets, only people that are deemed safe to be there, etc:)

  21. You think its bad now wait until they hit teen and preteens. You’ll be lucky to get a picture that even looks like they want to take a picture.

    Your girls are gorgeous!!

  22. They are all so cute! I have the same problem with mine. So hard to get a decent picture of them together!

  23. Enjoy the chaos. I got some of the best pics of my kiddos when they were making a mess of my photo ops. I look back now and laugh at how cute and crazy they were. Yeah, you are right “those days are gone” But the good thing is the adventure never stops.

  24. Jill McHale says:

    I have a 4 year old and it is getting increasingly more difficult to get her to cooperate with taking pictures. All of my Halloween photos ended with a pouty face because I was interrupting her social circle lol.

  25. Even if you can’t get them all photo studio perfect, it is nice that you are still taking the photos and saving the memories.

  26. Everytime I see my mother in law she will say “I want a new picture of all 3 kids!” and I just laugh. She only has one child (my husband), she has no idea how hard it is to get them to sit together, look at the camera, and smile together.

  27. I know I see you occasionally at events and surely I’ll see the new baby’s announcement on Facebook.
    But I’d like an announcement in the mail, nevertheless.
    Especially since the cuteness will be multiplied by 4!

  28. Ha! Jon the club! My 6 year old son looks away every time or moves or jumps or does anything besides smile and look at the camera LOL

  29. Daniel Sitoabasi says:

    These kids are beautiful, those days are gone goodbye.

  30. I can totally feel your pain. I think thats the problems that all of us with more than two kids seems to have. Your girls are just adorable. They have the most beautiful curly hair.

  31. It is difficult for all of mine to take a group photo for me too!

  32. I like the pics of chaos best, actually. It shows their personalities more. And my goodness… 4 girls, are you serious?

  33. These are the pictures you will love most when they are older. Maybe not Christmas card material but it shows their personalities so well.

  34. I have four children–6, 9, 13 and 18–and you’d think I could get a decent photo of them since they are older. Nope. I try and I try, sometimes I threaten or bribe but still no decent photo of all four of them. Now we just take goofy photos.

  35. Oh you just have to let go of the idea of a nice group picture. Once you do that then you may get one every now and then. I gave up after the first three and a few times a year a may get e good pic of a few of them together.

  36. christine reyes says:

    LOL I guess I am lucky. My boys are 6 and 8 and I can get a decent picture about 80 percent of the time. My 4 month old, I am blessed! I can capture the best smile pics right now! 😀

  37. oh my gosh. they may not do pics for you how you like but i adore their hair!! its darling!

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