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I caught myself saying something this week without even really thinking about it. 

“I wish I could see myself through your eyes.”

Because I don’t.

Through their eyes

Sure, maybe I’m too hard on myself. Maybe I have higher standards. Maybe it’s just a mom thing?

But, really, why can’t I take a compliment? About being a mom? Wife? Sister? Human being? I hear it. I understand what they are saying, but in my brain it just computes to words that don’t really mean what they say.

“That was a great event!”

No, no it wasn’t. This was supposed to happen. So-and-so had a fit. I had to yell.

“You are a rockstar for taking all the girls out to dinner/ to the doctor/ to the aquarium, etc.”

No I’m not. It’s what I had to do. They had fun. I’m exhausted. I probably had to yell.

Through their eyes

“I can’t believe you cooked dinner tonight with everything else going on.”

Eh. It’s not that good. I forgot to cook the broccoli. Somebody found old cereal on the floor. And ate it.

I’m thinking that this isn’t just me. I’m thinking that all of us moms need to have our eyes opened. Of course there are moments of meltdowns. Misunderstandings. Communication breakdowns. Stuff not getting done.

But, there are also moments where we get it right. Everybody has fun. Thanks yous are muttered without reminders. People are happy. 

If I type it, or speak it, maybe I’ll do better.

I’ll open my eyes to what everybody else sees. I’ll try to look through another set of eyes. And, I’ll be careful not do it with rose-colored glasses. 

Are you able to see without your mom eyes? Really see what others see in you? How do you do it?


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  1. You are an awesome mom! I tell people on a daily basis I hope to be just like you with bringing up Logan. Your girls are so happy and kind and appreciative and sweet and loving and YOU (and Mr. Serious) are the reason why.

  2. It can be difficult to look at the big picture and realize that overall we’re doing a great job. I must admit I’ve served more than a few dinners without a vegetable, it happens and its not the end of the world. I’m sure that when you ask your family how you’re doing “no broccoli with dinner” doesn’t come to their minds.

  3. I’ve had these feelings all too often lately. Being a mom is a tough job and I know we do things because that’s just how we roll, but we also have to remember that we’re kind of rock stars. At least in our kids’ eyes. 😉 We entertain them, care for them AND get food on the table (even if you forgot the broccoli.)

  4. I feel ya. Sometimes, I feel like President Business in The Lego movie, because all I’m asking for “Is TOTAL PERFECTION”. I’m actually writing a post on it… and I end up yelling, too….

  5. pat chance says:

    I am so proud of you. You are a great Mommy and have the most loving caring girls.

  6. No, I don’t often see the good stuff in myself. I usually think I could have done more, been more patient, complained less. But then I find myself back into those bad habits yet again. In reality, my kids feel loved, they are safe, they are fed, and they are happy. So it can’t be all bad! You are doing great, I just know it.

  7. No, it’s not just you. I feel like that sometimes. I feel like I’m trying super hard to be awesome but the end result feels like it’s far from it, even if my hubby thanks me for stuff I do. And yeah, there is usually someone finding old cereal and eating it off the floor here too. I’m pretty sure we’re all doing great, but it would just be so nice if everything was on that same wavelength.

  8. That’s a great photo. I think Tara loves that restaurant because it is in a fun area & they serve the kids food on frisbies (that they can bring home)& they put cute plastic lizards in the drinks (even the margaritas & adult drinks. We keep them every year). I don’t really think it’s the food that she likes. Fun atmosphere.

  9. After a while you forget the stress and just remember the fun. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You won’t regret making the effort.

  10. It would be amazing to see ourselves through our kids eyes, wouldn’t it? I imagine we’d find that the stuff we worry we messed up with them wasn’t really a big deal, and we’d be better at focusing on them and letting go of the small stuff.

  11. You gotta weigh the good with the bad. Every Sunday when we go to Church my nearly 3 year old does something naughty, at least in our eyes. The people around us love his antics even though I’m sweating profusely from aggravation, my wife is upset and well, sometimes it isn’t as bad as we think. It is always worse in our own heads.

  12. i would like to just say “amen”

    bc dude, amen!

  13. It is hard to not be hard on yourself… If we all saw ourselves in the eyes of others, we would be a lot better off… We will always be our biggest critic. All of us….

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