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Valentine’s Day is always a fun time at preschool and elementary school. There are Valentine’s to be passed out and crafts and activities to be done. Of course, I like to help out with these, but make them super easy and not completely all candy! We did a little test run this week to make sure they were going to be a hit. What’s more fun and tasty than an activity and snack in one? Spoiler alert: all four of the girls loved this super easy Valentine’s Day Craft + Snack Activity. As it turns out, this is fun for home too.

Valentines Day Craft + Snack Activity | Cupids Arrow

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Gather your ingredients

For this activity, we grabbed some gluten free prezel sticks, strawberries with the stems cut off and made to look like hearts, marshmallows (decide if you want to make them look feathery or not) and some Juicy Juice Organics 100% juice, Apple to wash it all down. Guess what, this is also gluten-free, dairy-free and can be vegan with vegan marshmallows

valentines craft snack Supplies

If you are doing this in a classroom setting, I’d prepare a plate for each kid with 2-3 of each item. 

Cutting the marshmallows

If you want to make the marshmallows fancier to look even more like the end of an arrow, you can take some kitchen scissors and cut them to look like feathers. If you remove the back triangle (see last picture), it looks even more like a feather. The kids? They didn’t seem to care one way or the other, so decide what works for you and go with that. Remember, kids like simple and fun!

Cutting marshmallow

Putting cupid’s arrow snack together

Starting with the pretzel, grab one strawberry and gently push the pretzel into the inside of the strawberry to make it look like the point of an arrow. Don’t push it in too far. 

Putting valentines crafts together

Next, flip the pretzel around and push the marshmallow just onto the pretzel.

Adding marshmallow

Once done, let the kids admire their handy work and then devour their snack.

Ready to eat

Bring along a small container of Juicy Juice Organics 100% juice, Apple for each child because you know those arrows will make them thirsty. And, maybe the talking while making them, too. 

Valentine craft

Should you decide to do the fancy arrows (like. My 12 year old did) this how your Cupid’s Arrow will look. Rest assured, cutting them or not, the kids will have fun making them and enjoy eating them too!

Fancy arrow feather

A recent Juicy Juice Family Occasion Survey showed that one in four parents (23%) will show their love by decorating for Valentine’s Day. Make sure to check out Juicy Juice’s site for other fun activities and decorations you can do with your kids and family.

Have you given your kids a Heart Attack yet and decorated their door with words of love and affection? Grab that easy printable to get started!

give your kids a heart attack

We were mint to be friends valentine free printable

pencil valentine printable

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  1. The minty valentine was always my favorite printable of yours! And the smiles during this craft are pretty awesome!

  2. Wow! These are some great Valentine’s day ideas. The strawberry hearts are SUPER CUTE

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