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Rainbows and unicorns don’t usually visit us. At least at the same time. So when the stars align and they do, we try to remember it.

With my fingers thick in juicy raw chicken, E woke up earlier than expected. Fortunately, her sisters love her to pieces and want to help. I sent the biggest up to entertain her baby sister so I could finish getting dinner ready. Things were a little quiet up there, and I realized I didn’t have the monitor on. I turned it on and saw this. #1 climbed into her sister’s crib to entertain her and keep her happy.

Totally her own idea. Totally adorable. Totally melts my heart. I think sibling love is right there under a mother’s love for their children. I know sibling love waivers. I know they will fight way worse then they have ever fought. Right now, I’m going to savor it and love that they love each other so much.

biggest and littlest in the crib

I had a repeat of getting dinner ready and #2 wanted to go up another day to play with her sister. I was thankful she offered and spied on them. There must have been a big sister conference earlier in the week, because she jumped right in the crib, too. Usually #2 makes ridiculous baby noises (no idea why, they drive me crazy). Today, however, she was talking to her sister. She said “you’re my best friend, E!” I’m convinced they are trying to melt my heart. 

middle and littlest in the crib

They sure are lucky to have each other. And I’m lucky they have each other. There will be trials down the road, but we’ll always have these moments to come back to.

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  1. I totally agree about sibling love being right up there with mama love. Mine may fight like wildebeasts sometimes, but I see that fierce love for each other come out too and it DOES cause some heart melting. 🙂

    1. And, the fighting and the loving switch on and on like *that*.

  2. it truly is amazing isn’t it?

    there is truly nothing like it.

    (can you imagine life without the monitor?? so thankful for it capturing these moments)

  3. I wonder if Krystyn crawled into Emily’s crib to entertain her…aawwwwww

    1. Hmmmm…I wonder. But, I’m only 18 months older, so I probably didn’t.

  4. pat chance says:

    Sisters are definately the best. You thanked me over and over for Emily when I brought her home. I am very glad I have 2 sisters, I am glad you have yours and I am very happy your girls have each other.

  5. That is just too sweet! I love when the sisterly love makes an appearance!

    1. Yes, because you know, there is also the sisterly, well, fighting.

  6. That is so absolutely sweet and adorable!!! Sibling love melts my heart!!

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