A Gift Guide For The Woman Who Has Everything


It is always difficult to buy for those who have seemingly everything they could possibility want, but I’m hoping I can help with this list. I’ll guide you through gifts for women of all ages, and will perhaps help you to get a unique present for that woman who has everything they could want, need or desire.

Truth be told, most of these gifts will work across all categories and generations. In this gift guide for the woman that has everything, you’ll find some of the physical gifts, also come with a way to tie in an experience, which can make gifts even more meaningful.

A gift guide for the woman who has everything

This will cover gifts for:

  • A grandmother
  • A wife
  • A mother
  • A new mom
  • A new wife
  • A young adult woman

*Some samples received for this gift guide.

Gift for all women (young girl, grandparent, new mom, newlyweds, college kids, families separated by distance)

The Vintage Pearl

The Vintage Pearl has hand-stamped jewelry and pieces for all women from mothers, grandparents and even children. The Forever Connected Rose Gold Necklace is the perfect sentiment to symbolize your love. So beautiful and so romantic! The two of you connected together, forever… Makes a wonderful anniversary gift or a sweet surprise just to say I love you!  



Soul Kandy


Have a woman in your life that likes a fun surprise every month? Check out Soul Kandy for their monthly subscription boxes. Soul Kandy is a subscription box for women and on a mission to bring women joy, faith & fun! Their goal is to encourage & help women live joy-filled, faithful lives. 

Soul Kandy subscription box collage

The average woman today is wearing so many hats and can easily feel as if she’s lost her spark from trying to do it all. For all of those that feel as if they are just keeping their heads above water trying to be all and do all, we want to be the ones to throw them their life raft! They are committed to helping women not only re-claim their joy but to show them how to nurture and protect it so that they never lose it again!!

There are so many great goodies in the boxes!

Here’s a sampling of the February box. You bet your bottom that iPhone charger is already in use. (How do those things go missing so easily?!?!)

soul kandy february 2020 box

One of my goals for this year is to make sure to write in a gratitude journal and practice mindfulness. This block and corresponding sign on my desk are a perfect reminder. Each month, a new sign or two is sent update the wooden block or hang on your wall or bathroom mirror. 

Gratitude desk sign soul kandy

You can order one month, or do a subscription for 3, 6 or 12-months. The boxes are all full of great reminders to take time for ourselves and that we are all in this together.

Soul Kandy coupon code: receive 10% off your first box with code: KRYSTYNJOY. Please share with friends and family as well!


Weighted Blanket

The feeling of a hug in a weighted blanket.  When you can’t be there with her giving the gift of the sensation of a hug is the way to go. A weighted blanket is a trusted tool for improving sleep quality and relieving anxiety. 

layla weighted blanket

Layla’s hugging blanket gives Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), a gentle pressure across your body that feels like a warm hug…anybody else thinking of Olaf right now?

The top side of the Layla Sleep weighted blanket is made of plush, soft, mink-like fur. The other side is 300 thread-count 100% cotton that provides a clean, soft, and easily washable surface. Featuring hexagon pocket stitching, the Layla Weighted Blanket makes your bed look as good as it feels.

layla weighted blanket folded

Layla’s weighted blanket was deemed the most versatile weighted blanket for 2020″ by GoodHousekeeping.

layla weighted blanket rolled

Pictures capture memories for viewing later.

Sure, they are stored in your brain, but sometimes our memory could use a jogging, or a reminder of a person, place or thing. What’s even better than one picture? Thousands! So, if a picture speaks a thousand words, what does a thousand pictures speak?

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame to display not just one but thousands of your fondest memories. Through the Nixplay App, you’ll be able to display your memories with your loved ones wherever you are. Share them from your phone or from your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos). You can also share snapshots of 15-second videos of you sending your love message which is sure to be a creative way to give a Nixplay Smart Photo Frame as a present.

Nixplay digital picture frame

In the box, you get a wall-mountable smart frame with a 1280×800 HD IPS display with 16:10 aspect ratio.  You don’t have to do any adjusting to your pictures, they will auto adjust to portrait or landscape placement.

You also get a power cord, mounting supplies, a screen cleaner, remote (that attaches magnetically to the back of the frame) and a manual.

Not home? A motion sensor turns the frame on/off automatically so it doesn’t waste power.

You can set your frame up to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and tell the frame just playlist you want to display. In fact, setting up the frame took less than 10 minutes (the longest of which was to update the software when I first turned on the frame.)

I was able to quickly set the frame up, load pictures from my phone and display them in a great slideshow. There were even several options for the display, timing and transitions. 

Nixplay digital picture frame mommy and me monday gift idea

The pictures and display are so crisp and clear. It’s the best my pictures have looked on anything other than my phone or laptop display. Even prints don’t typically look this good.

Nixplay digital picture gift idea

And, they’ve added even more on the Nixplay App — they have partnered with Fuji Print so you can put your photos from App to your Nixplay frame to digital prints should you want your pictures in print form.

A grandmother

We have all fallen into the commercial trap of finding it difficult to decide what to buy for a grandmother. By this age, a lady usually has most things that they want: they have a home, a family, grandchildren.

How about learning a little more about that lady that became a grandmother, and giving her something to remind her of who she is, where her interests lie, and in doing so, show her that you value her as an individual.

You can also remind her that you want to spend time with her. Give her the gift of a nice GoSili tea cup. GoSili products make the basics better by bringing an alternative to plastic, bridging the gap between great design and affordability while improving the way we live!

Go Sili Silicon Tea Cup

Include a monthly tea subscription service and delicious Bumbleberry Farms Honey. Bumbleberry Farms is a woman-owned business that is transforming honey cultivation. Their unique approach helps promote a healthy environment while also supporting community development.

Bumbleberry Farms Honey

Tell her, with her gift, that it’s not just about the cup, tea and honey, but it’s about the time you will spend with her drinking the tea (yeah, you can give a gift she has to share). Let her tell her stories of her family and her life growing up. It’s amazing what you can learn.

Grandparents are at a time when they enjoy life a little more and to be able to express themselves. Try looking into hobbies like calligraphy, painting or writing, and buy them something for themselves.

A wife

Similarly, when a woman becomes a wife, she takes on a role. Husbands try to pamper wives with perfumes and feminine things like jewelry, though often it takes much less than this to make them happy. Look at the girl you married, and remember who she was. Look at the girl you fell in love with and recall some of the early experiences you had together.

Remember the night you drove out late at night, beyond the light pollution and sat in the back of a truck and stared at the stars, hoping to see one shoot across the sky. Give her the gift of a Montem Sneaky Snuggler Night Sky Limited Edition and include a note that in addition to this blanket is a trip out to look at the stars one night, just the two of you.

Montem Sneaky Snuggler Night Sky Limited Edition

We often think that men are not sentimental enough. Sure, it’s easy to buy the random things. All it takes is a credit card. Look how much harder it is to provide a present which shows your sentiment for that lady you love. An old photograph put onto canvas of the girl you loved means more than anything commercial, and it only takes a little bit of planning to be able to present them with memories which you both share, and that make you who you are. Look at this great canvas my brother-in-law had printed for my sister. (Shop through that link and you’ll get 88% off site-wide + $13.99 flat rate shipping).

Wedding canvas

If your wife is anything like me (I mean, you are here, right?) You might want to consider a fun subscription box like YogaClub. If you do a subscription, every month a new box full of clothes comes picked just for her.

Yoga Club Outfit

There are three different gift box options and if you use the exclusive discount code RAYS,  you’ll get $10 off any of their gifting products plus free shipping in the contiguous US or $10 off each month of subscription. 

It’s a ton of savings and a great gift that will get a lot of use. Yoga, HIIT, running, or running errands!

A mother

Moms work really hard supporting and loving their families, which is priceless. Of course they’re worthy of the finest gifts, but that doesn’t always mean an expensive gift at a department store will be the most meaningful gift. How about collecting memories and presenting them in an album? These memories will show how much you treasure the family she lovingly created. The thought really does count!

One year, my girls worked together to create a video for me answering questions about me and their answers were the sweetest ever. Get out the phone, collect some video and make a little movie for mom.

Mothers also love things which are made by their children. The loving hands that make those items are treasured more than you know.

Sometimes, a piece of hand-stamped jewelry is really appreciated. This little loves heart necklace is a sweet and dainty piece without overly yelling “mom” to the wearer. It’s made by The Vintage Pearl, a US-based company has been selling hand-stamped jewelry for the last 15 years, specializing in personalized jewelry for moms. Each little heart can be picked and ordered to represent a child, grandchild, niece or anything your heart desires!

vintage pearl hearts necklace

Should you want something else, maybe for new mom, The Vintage Pearl has a ton of Mother’s gifts that a mother would appreciate.

vintage pearl mother necklace If you are wanting to give a physical gift with sentimental value, a mother’s ring with children’s birthstones and names is sure to please. Moms do like jewelry that also shares a reason and having her kids close at hand will be a win. If you want to go this route, use code Krystyn10 for 10% off your purchase or if you’d like 20% off, use Save20.

solo mio mother's ring

A new mom

A new mom may have everything you think she needs. People spoil them when they have that first child. What about something of a historical nature, such as an album in which to record all the important and significant areas of growth of their child. A new mom will pretty much have her life invested in bringing up that child, and anything associated to that child will be welcomed.

One of the many options for personalized mother necklaces that documents this new child with their name, birthdate, birthstones and more is a beautiful way to honor the new mom in your life while making ties to what made her a mom! Use code 20KRYSTYN for 20% off of your order.

new mom personalized necklace

Gifts such as a first baby shoe made into a lasting souvenir by bronzing is a wonderful gift that doesn’t cost a lot, but that means so much. That mom may not even miss that first shoe, which you can send off to have bronzed. This is a unique gift for that mom whose sentiment for her youngster will still be alive in vibrant.

Did you ever see the funny story about how I accidentally had our youngest daughter at home, unassisted? Yes, a home birth. Part of that story is that I left the house in a pile of robes. And that’s all I had at the hospital! Being a new mom is fun, right? With it comes so many changes and so many sleepless nights. And, night chills and sweats. I think I had a robe nearby at all times. 

plush robe and slippers

Plush Necessities offers women’s, men’s, and children’s bathrobes and slippers of the highest quality, better than those offered at five-star hotels and spas. Their fabrics are selected with maximum comfort and softness in mind, and they have a wide range of sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit. This Pure Bliss Terry Robe is perfect for out of the shower, or over pajamas, or breastfeeding, or making lunch! It’s just great for all of life! Grab a pair of new slippers for a complete gift.

wearing plush robe

Another thing a new mom loves is meals that she doesn’t have to prepare. Give the gift of nice storage containers with lids and include a note that you will come and prepare a meal that will be enough for the family to eat AND have leftovers for another meal that will be stored in these single-latch storage containers.

Wellslock storage containers

And don’t forget the value of a good and tasty snack. Put some delicious and Pic’s Peanut Butter in her stocking for quick grab and go snacks! And because Pic’s is made from the finest quality Hi-Oleic peanuts from Australia that are fresh roasted and lovingly squashed in Nelso and then quick sealed. Pic’s is all-natural, is gluten and sugar free and has no additives and is New Zealand’s #1 selling peanut butter and sold in 13 countries around the world.

With the peanut butter, include a note that you will use it to make some peanut butter cookies, or even a quick PB&J for her at her next request. For a new mom, gifts are all about how you can tie in a way to serve her.

Pic's Peanut Butter

A nice way to celebrate a new mom, her baby and family is a fit basket with fun goodies like snacks, treats and some wine from Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

WineCountryGiftBaskets.com offers the best selection of value-priced, gift baskets & gift towers, including corporate gift baskets, business gift baskets, anniversary gift baskets, birthday gifts, gourmet gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, holiday gift baskets, Christmas gift baskets, coffee gifts and fruit baskets. The gift baskets work for both distinctive corporate gifts delivery or for friends and family.

A new wife

The wife may have everything. You share a wonderful home and you are taking your first steps through life together as man and wife. What she wants from you more than anything is the reassurance that the love you felt for her is still alive and kicking. Remember, she is new at being a wife and needs your reassurance as much as anything. Give her something which says “Thank you” for being her, and you really cannot go wrong.

And with her being a new wife, how about something with her new name or monogram on it? If she didn’t change her name, but her first name on it. A tablet stand for the kitchen (or even the bathroom next to the sink or bathtub) makes a great custom gift. You get to decide what name or picture goes on it as well as the stain finish. Cabany Co also has custom holiday ornaments, cutting boards and more. 

CabanyCo Tablet Stand

I always end up telling Mr. Serious not to get me flowers, but every time he does, they let me know that he’s thinking about me.

Giving the gift of flowers year round, maybe with a specific theme tied to vacations or memories would be a great gift. BloomsyBox provides subscriptions of fresh, hand-picked bouquets. Customers can choose from a single delivery or monthly deliveries – whatever fits their lifestyle.

Bloomsy flower subscription

How about immortalizing the moment of your wedding by having the favorite photograph put onto canvas? The canvas can form a part of your home, and act as a constant reminder of the day you made your vows. Or a find another way to memorialize your relationship with a homemade sign you can hang on your wall. You can always create one or have a sign made with your last name and established date.

Monogram sign

A packed bag

Surprise her with a trip you’ve planned. Maybe it’s a day trip to a local park with a picnic. Perhaps it’s a trip to the beach. It’s not just about the time spent together, but also the forethought that goes into the planning. 

In addition to those plans, get her a nice bag that you will pack for her. Yes, you pack it. You make the lunch and grab the picnic blanket. You put the towel and the shoes out for an overnight trip with a nice pool.

Consider this Hello Sunday large tote as a great companion piece to the excursion you’ve planned. It’s a nice way to have a physical reminder of the trip you planned and your time together. 

Hello Sunday bag

This super premium quality, 100% cotton canvas tote has 

  • Full grain leather double sided handles
  • Antique silver brass zips by YKK Japan
  • Full width antique silver zip plus zipped 160mm long pocket inside
  • Leather zip puller and trim
  • Tote measures 380mm high x 500mm wide x 120mm deep gusset

A young adult woman

Young woman need to know that they are loved for who they are. That their freedom and privacy are respected.

A book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way is a wonderful gift for a young women trying to find out who she is. The program comes with a journal and teaches the reader their own significance in the world, and how to put aside time to become the best that they can creatively. It’s a great journal that a young woman can keep throughout their lives to remind them of their years of growing up and self discovery. It is something which is completely unique. No two women will ever have the same journal entries, thought processes or dreams.

If they are into essential oils, giving the gift of a Manifesting Your Dreams set or DIY Perfume kits (the My Monsters kit show below is also great for younger girls!) is a nice way to help with uncertainty, wellness, independence and enjoying nice smells. The great thing about this, is you are giving the kit, but you are providing your oils. Also, you are giving the gift of time where you will work together to fill the bottles. You can have meaningful discussions while creating something that will be very useful.

Manifest your dreams oily kit

Any woman

Protect her memories with durable phone case with a soft, flexible strap on the back to help moms keep a secure grip on their phones and prevent drops while they juggle kids, keys, bags, etc. Yes, this is protecting precious photo memories that so many of us capture and keep on our phones. (Of course, a note to back up early and often, but in the in between, you definitely want to keep it safe.)

Grip2u cases are available in a variety of colors, and a few of the cases integrate a card holder to keep essentials close at hand. 

It also features a kickstand so you can set your phone on surface and keep it horizontal without holding it. 

Boost Grip2U phone case

Finding the perfect gift for a woman requires thoughtfulness, generosity, time and listening. If you think outside the box and do something that isn’t as commercial, you are sure to show the woman or women in your life how appreciated they are. Let them know you are thinking about them! You’ll come up with a gift or experience that will make them smile.

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