Our house was tagged


Hallelujah!  Spring is showing it’s beautiful warm and sunny face.

Even better?  The girls will go outside and play together while I can get dinner ready.

They have fun.  Dinner gets cooked.  It’s awesome.

They made soup in the cooler.  Several days in a row, they would go out to "check on their soup" and stir it.  Thankfully, it was never quite ready.

Sisters outside playing together

I was able to take a break with them and graffiti our back patio a bit.

sidewalk graffiti

The problem?  When they play outside together while I’m doing the dinner thing, they tend to get into a little mischief.  And, they encourage each other.

Little sister loves to turn the water faucet on and fill up water buckets.  But, sometimes she forgets the bucket.

Big sister thinks chalk can go on anything.

Including…the side of our house.  Yep, she tagged our house.  And, amazingly, she wrote her name backwards.  I don’t think I could do that if I tried.

Our house was tagged

Of course, she can write her name the correct way, too.  She actually tagged our house twice (I know it’s hard to see, just look right above the outlet.  It’s in purple.)

Our house was tagged

Even if one tags our house and the other fills up garden buckets (the ones with holes in the bottom) with excessive amounts of water, I’m so glad that they will play together and they enjoy each other’s company.

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  1. Hey, that looks familiar! I wash similar graffiti off our house when the weather gets warmer. 🙂 My kids like to decorate the trampoline the most though. Smooth lines and the black background makes it all pop a little more.

    I LOVE that she writes her name backward like that but still writes it correctly when she wants to. Evie writes hers upside down sometimes too. There’s no way I could mimic it!

    1. It’s crazy that she can do it!

      I’m glad the chalk is washable!

  2. What fun! Mine haven’t considered chalk on the house, thankfully, but we’ve had “washable” glitter paint on our driveway for a while now, despite two light rains.

    I’ve been working on direction in writing with my girls. Jessica thinks it’s silly not be allowed to write around the edge of the page, changing directions at each corner.

    1. Washable glitter paint? Sounds like an oxymoron. Glitter is hardly washable.

      That’s too funny…she should write a book with her “silly” writing.

  3. At least they didn’t do it to the car, that, my friend, does not come *out* 🙂

    Siblings playing together, bliss!

    1. Good to know that chalk and car paint don’t mix. I will remember that when we use the garage to sidewalk chalk on rainy days.

  4. It is SO nice when they can just go outside and play for a bit. But yes, sometimes they do get into a little mischief. But thankfully this was easily removed, right?

    1. Yes, very easily removed! And, so very glad they play together!

    1. Oh, me, too! It’s a million times easier than them being inside asking what I’m doing and for a million snacks.

  5. grandma Pat says:

    It is great they can play together so well and you can make dinner without little feet under yours. That’s pretty neat Isabelle can write her name backwards. She is a talented little girl. I am glad to see your neighbors dog doesn’t bother them that much anymore. Guess they rely on strength in numbers when they are both out there together.

    1. I think the german shepard is gone. And, the pit bull is only out sporadically. So very thankful…at least that one doesn’t bark!

  6. mine have never chalked the house either….I’ll make sure they don’t see your pictures 🙂 I have sent the older two out to play several nights this week though & it was great. What was not great was Anna SCREAMING at the back door because she wanted to go out too!

    1. Yes, please don’t let them see the pictures.

      Anna’s time is coming. Although, I probably would have sent her out back, too with the door open. (I can only endure so much screaming)…then again, she would probably try to climb the stairs and it would be over.

  7. cute pictures! I’m SOOOO glad that spring is coming! 🙂

    1. Me, too!

      Wait, I think today is the first day of Spring. YAY!

  8. Grammy Staffy says:

    Has Izzy been to So. Cal. lately? I’ve noticed some tagging around here lately. lol
    Isn’t it nice when siblings are old enough to actually play together and mommy can get a few minutes to work without their “help”?
    Hugs, Grammy

    1. Fortunately, her tagging was washable!

      Yes, it is so nice they can play together and not “help” me!

      When do they get to be actual good helpers?

  9. We love playing with chalk too. And yes, our house has also been tagged before.

    1. And, if dinner gets made without a fight…they can color the whole house!

  10. That’s so nice they play together so well. I am lucky in that regards too. Mine are 2 and 4 and play together great even though I know tougher brother and sister battles are on the distant horizon. hahaha

    1. Yep, the girls are 4 and 2 also….and we already have battles:)

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