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This weekend, with the news of the NCAA women being given one tiny rack of dumbbells, while the men had an entire weight room set up….I got a fire in my belly. I want our girls to know and believe they can do all the things!

This weekend, we bought two new ceiling fans for the girls’ rooms. Both rooms fans had a rattling or grinding noise that we couldn’t resolve, so it was time to replace them. 

N came and helped me in one room, and B helped Mr. Serious in the other room.  putting the blades on the fans It was interesting to see how each room got started and processed the directions.

Did they remove everything from the box first, or only the parts as needed?

Did they line up all of the parts to make sure nothing was missing?

Did they get frustrated with the written directions and only look at the pictures or go for the written ones only?

I dislike how they write the directions in paragraphs and each step is really like 5-in-1. I also dislike that there are many steps that could be done before the ceiling fan is on the ceiling.

It’s quite a shoulder workout getting a fan installed.  installing the ceiling fan N and I did a little troubleshooting and called Mr. Serious in to do the wiring. We could have brought the 6 foot ladder in so I could see them, but sometimes, height has an advantage. 

And we have to learn that asking for help is okay, too. 

Once the electrical at the ceiling was attached, N and I got back to it with putting the blades on the fan. getting the blades on mommy and me monday It took us less than 2 hours to install 2 ceiling fans between us. 

I really like teaching the girls they can do new things and the experience of going through potential problems and troubleshooting them.

N said during the process “Now, when I’m an adult and have to install a ceiling fan, I won’t have to call you and I’ll know how to do it.”

So, I call that a win!

What did you do this week?

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