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It was a busy, full-of-changes week in the Serious household. There was a big orthodontist appointment for the oldest two girls and not one, but two track meets; their first and second.

Before the girls went in, we snapped some “last” pictures.

On June 17, 2018, the oldest got her braces put on. Then, we snapped her last picture before braces and her first picture with them. This week, March 10, 2021, we reversed that. (Scroll down to compare…what a change!)

Her last official picture with her braces on. We fixed some spacing, corrected an overbite and did a lateral incisors conversion (because of two missing teeth) and built up two baby teeth because there are no adult teeth for those, either.

oldest last picture with braces

N was also going in for her recall to finalize the plan and maybe start her braces. We were thinking her plan would be shorter, faster and less complex, but that proved to be wrong. 

So, one final braces-free snap of her just in case.

n last picture before braces

Once inside, her plan was finalized. Her front teeth face inward and because of this, her lower jaw didn’t grow/extend all the way out. So, we will be pulling her top front teeth forward, pulling some teeth down, leaving space for some smaller adult sized teeth to be built up and using a Herbst appliance to extend out her lower jaw aligning her bite better, and hopefully extending her jaw and muscle so she doesn’t have the TMJ issues that I have. (Please, let her not have these issues.).

Three months shy of three years of braces treatment, our oldest got her braces off. The difference is so crazy to me. When she smiles at me (sometimes, I have to work for it), I’m in awe!

oldest first picture without braces

They offered to start N’s process, and being already there, we went ahead with it.

One out, one in! And, lucky us, there is a small sibling discount. 

n first picture with braces

So, we start this anew with her. 

Of course, their first day out of and in braces, they had their first track meet. (The girls are running cross country and doing the running/distance races in track with the same coach in the off-season).

I failed to take a single picture at that meet. 

So, Saturday, we fixed that. I got a picture with the girls before the meet and several parents took pictures at the meet. 

mommy and me monday before track meet with braces off and on

They weren’t excited about their running pictures, so I save those for me!

It was so hot and sunny at the meet Saturday. We all have different spots of sunburn. We were at the meet for over 8 hours and all came home pretty exhausted. 

But, so I have a record, here are their times. We are so proud of them for how hard they are racing and the learning that is happening with this process. And for the record, pretty sure they both would have lapped me!

(Also, because people have asked… a track lap is 400m. 4 laps is 1600m which is pretty darn close to 1 mile, 8 laps is 3200m which is pretty much 2 miles).

  • Oldest 3200m 16:05
  • N 1600m 7:58 (7:27 on Wednesday)
  • Oldest 1600m 6:56 on Wednesday
  • Oldest 800m 3:04
  • N 800m 3:30

For a reminder of this fresh little face….here she is pre-braces.

And her first post-braces picture!

top braces mommy and me monday

What did you do this week?

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