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Painting and crafting eggs is definitely an Easter jam our family can get down with. Nintendo sent us some supplies to make painted Nintendo Easter eggs.

The girls were pretty excited about it!

gathering air dry clay to make the easter eggs

Supplies needed:

Who can resist a giant bag of air drying clay? They also sent a Super Mario tablecloth, a Crayola smock, Crayola acrylic paint and paint brushes. Gather all of that and you’ll be able to make some eggs, too!

How to Craft an Egg from Air Drying Clay

  1. Grab a palm-sized amount of air drying clay.
  2. Roll the clay in your hands to create a round ball. Use water to remove cracks for a smooth surface. rolling the clay into a ball
  3. Begin to pinch and tap one side of the ball to create a subtle point. rolling the clay into an egg
  4. Continue to shape the point until the desired look is achieved. 
  5. Let the egg sit overnight to fully harden.
  6. Once the egg is dry and hard, you are ready to paint it. 

make air dry clay easter eggs to paint

Thanks to Nintendo for providing the graphic “How to Craft an Egg” as well.

Take your clay to the next level and you can make a ton of different creations! The girls made crown for their eggs as well as mushroom and Koopa Troopas. 

nintendo egg with a crown

I really like watching their creativity and seeing what they can make. 

nintendo mushroom eggs

It’s time to Paint

GrandaKris guided us on how to paint our eggs; with the most important directions being to have fun and create what you want. 

egg examples

It’s a good thing because those are the girls’ favorite directions. Give them the paint and clay and let them go! Just watch out for those loaded paint brushes. Acrylic paint is easy to clean up when it’s still wet, but once it’s dry, you are on your own. 

making more clay easter eggs

Look at that concentration painting her Koopa Troopa. 

painting nintendo eggs

And E went for painting the mushrooms she made the day before. 

painting nintento mushrooms

The girls were quite proud of their eggs! And I’m happy with these Nintendo air dried eggs that don’t require me to cook or smell hard boiled eggs!

final paint job of nintendo eggs

What did you do this week?

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