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The afternoon showers and storms have been way too frequent this summer. I mean, they are nice, but not when you are trying to coach and have a group of about 50 kids at outdoor practice.

The weather caused us to practically cancel all week. We did some strength and core stuff we could do inside, but the runs didn’t get to happen.

And even when we tried to run later at home, the weather wasn’t cooperating. So, treadmill running it was. Thankfully, our dueling treadmill set-up allows us to run side by side and keep each other company.

Mother and daughter post running on treadmills

I’m definitely the sweatier of the two of us! But, she got her runs in! And I got her runs in, too!

mother and daughter after running on treadmill

After the oldest got back from a later practice, we had her eat quickly and then had a family trip to DQ for a little ice cream. The oldest and I are very happy they have a couple dairy free options now! However, I don’t think they will be changing their name to DFQ (Dairy-Free Queen)!

Oldest and mom with dairy free ice cream bars from dairy queen

What did you do this week?

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  1. Love it! My oldest and I got in some side by side treadmill time at the gym earlier this week. We’re trying to get into a regular routine to get us both in better shape and habit.

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