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It’s fun to look back over the year and see what was in the top 10 of most visited posts. This year, I decided to look at posts that were published this year, despite popularity. Apparently, I didn’t do a top 10 of 2015, but I did do a best of 2014, and that was a fun grouping of posts (including B’s accidental home birth story)

Toddler Baby Carrier Comparison | LILLEbaby CarryOn, TULA Toddler, Lenny Lamb Toddler, LILLEbaby Complete, LILLEbaby Essentials

People like their carrier comparisons. And they like to see if they really need a Toddler carrier now, yet or ever. This has 6 different carriers for people to see which one really is best for them.

First Place Science Fair Project

I can’t decide if people like this post because they want to see what a first place science fair project is, or if it’s because they want to see how a YETI compares to other tumblers.

34 Lies I Tell Myself 

It all started with an empty roll of toilet paper!

STEM projects | Winning Science Fair Projects

After seeing my kiddo win first place at the school, we took the project to the county fair. There were so many great ideas and some that needed some help, so I decided to make a list of projects (that if done correctly) were sure to be winners.

Easy Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Oh, man are these tasty and easy and such a hit. Everybody devoured them. I kind of want some more. They are great for a sports-themed party and perfect for finger food.

Easy DIY Car Diffusers

What started out as a little project to make my car smell good, turned into a fun project for my daughter’s assignment in elementary economics and their marketplace. Now my car smells good and she had a winning idea that make all customers happy.

Cheap and Romantic Date Night Ideas at Home

Date nights are expensive, even before or without kids. Adding in kids and the date night becomes something that isn’t easily affordable. So, date nights at home are a must. But, after a while, watching a movie together gets kind of boring.

Secrets and Montego Bay, Jamaica Review

In January, Mr. Serious and I treated ourselves to a much awaited adult-only trip to Jamaica. We had so much fun I wanted to share about our experience. I guess other people wanted to read about it, too.

10 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

Because, let’s be honest, we all like to have our ID checked when we need to purchase medicine or anything else requiring ID!

20 Uses for a Spray Bottle

Apparently, there are a lot of spray bottles sitting around that want to be used and need a good solution in them. I’ve got 20 of them covered.

This was definitely a Facebook Top 10 for me this year, but I put the whole image in the FB post, so nobody came to read it! But, Parents of Redheads BINGO was a big hit. Because, red heads and their parents get ALL the questions and comments.

And, my number one all time more popular post of forever, is 7 Things You Should Never Say to the Mom of a Redhead. It’s popular for a reason as it resonates with many people (and all parents that have kids that don’t look exactly like them, and heck even the ones that do!)

What’s in your top 10 this year? Do you have a favorite on this site or one that you wrote?

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  1. I love how many listicles made your best-of! My favorite craft was your DIY car scenties and I really got into your carrier review!

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