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October was another crazy month. I had every intention of scheduling a time to get a picture at the pumpkin patch. I actually even booked it on the calendar; between work schedules, race schedules, cheer schedules and social schedules.

And then? One kiddo got sick.

Best laid plans, right?

Halloween night I saw the leaves and our neighbor’s decorations. I asked if they would still be up the next day.

17th annual “Pumpkin Patch” picture is it. Sometimes we have to fake it or fudge it a little to get it done.

pumpkin patch 2022 mommy and me monday

Halloween this year brought us Kim Possible, a Snow Person, a Cheerleader, and Ariel (with her friend).

halloween 2022

We walked around to houses trick or treating and then came back and helped Mr. Serious pass out candy to some of the older kids.

halloween 2022 table

This weekend was also the State cross country meet! This was the oldest’s first time attending as a runner. It’s a hard course with lots of hills and turns but she still ran it significantly faster than the last time she was at this course!

Almost all of her favorite cheerleaders came to cheer her on.

state cross county race ready mommy and me monday

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  1. Nancy Loring says:

    October was a crazy month and it flew by. I can’t believe that it is almost the middle of November.

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